Cookies and Cream Cake

Aug 09

Chocolate cake, layered with cookies and cream filling, covered with a vanilla buttercream and chocolate drip.

You guys! This cake! Ohhh, this cake! This one is an absolute must-bake, knock-your-socks-off delight of sinful decadence. It’s a Sweetapolita masterpiece and it’s for sure a cake I’ll make again and again. You’ve got to try it!

A few things to note before making this cake. The recipe calls for “black” cocoa powder, which will give the cake an even darker color than the Cacao Barry Cocoa Powder Extra Brute used in the dark chocolate cake I posted a few days ago. I actually stuck with the Extra Brute this time around, but you can find black cocoa powder here if you’re looking to follow the recipe exactly.

The second thing to note about this cake is that the filling calls for high ratio shortening, which is used in baking to add stability and creaminess to frosting, as well as tenderness to yellow cakes. I didn’t give myself enough time to hunt down high ratio shortening, so I replaced it with regular Crisco. I was worried a little bit that the filling wouldn’t be stable enough to stack six cake layers without cookies and cream oozing out the sides, but it actually worked out fine. Just make sure you chill your cake before applying the outer frosting so that you really decrease your chances of the cake layers pushing out the filling. You can also replace the high ratio shortening with more butter. 

And finally, I also omitted the rainbow jimmies and pink food gel in the frosting. No real reason except I wanted the cake to have more resemblance of an Oreo cookie.

Enjoy and good luck trying to eat just one slice!

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