My Top 6 Essential Baking Tools for Every Level Baker

6 Essential Baking Tools

If you’ve been following me for a while you know how big of a believer I am in having quality tools when baking a cake. I do love to find ways to make a cake-making process easier, and having these 6 essential baking tools definitely does that! These tools are really high quality, and if you’re wanting to bake cakes professionally then these are definitely worth investing in!

6 essential baking tool you want to have.

I will stand by these 6 essential baking tools forever and ever! They are such life savers when it comes to making your cake-baking process easier and more enjoyable. You’ll totally see what I mean as we start to talk about each tool. Alright, let’s get started!

Essential Baking Tool #1: Cake Turntable

high quality cake turntable you'll love.

Getting a cake turntable is a no-brainer. This is what you will put almost every single cake on when you are decorating it. You will use one hand to spread the buttercream and the other to turn the table as you go. This speeds up the process and allows you to apply the buttercream in a nice and neat fashion. You can find one of my favorite cake turntables here! I highly recommend this nice cast iron one because it is super durable and will last you a long time. 

Essential Baking Tool #2: Cake Scraper

cake scraper set you'll love.

A cake scraper is definitely a must-have baking tool. I use a cake scraper to smooth out the sides of my cake. You can start with a straight-edge one and then slowly add other textured ones to your inventory. I actually designed my own cake scraper set several years ago, which you can find HERE. Using these is a great trick to adding some precision to your cake and it’s also an easy way to make it look more professionally done! 

Essential Baking Tool #3: Icing Spatula

icing spatula set.

An icing spatula is one of those baking tools that will make your decorating process easier. It’s just the right size and angle to make applying and spreading your buttercream a breeze. Getting a straight and offset spatula will be your best bet. I like to use the straight for the sides of my cake and the offset for the center and top of my cake. I actually designed my own spatulas (which are linked above) because I wanted to make sure the blade is just the right length to where you can easily frost your cakes and still have good control while handling it. 

Essential Baking Tool #4: Acrylic Disk

the benefits of an acrylic disk.

Using an acrylic disk when decorating your cakes is such a game-changer. This is what you put on the top of your cake, so you can easily decorate the sides of your cake and then keep a nice and neat look to the top and edges of your cake. I love a cake that has some sharp edges. If you want to know more about why an acrylic disk is worth it, check out my full tutorial HERE

Essential Baking Tool #5: Quality Cake Pans

the best quality cake pans.

This is a big one! I will always 100 percent recommend Fat Daddio Pans. These will change your world. These pans can distribute heat amazingly well, which is exactly what you want when baking cake. The cake batter is so sensitive when baking, so putting it in a Fat Daddio Pan always helps me feel a little more at ease. I can trust that I’ll get a nice even bake that I’m always hoping for!

Essential Baking Tool #6: Cake Lifter

Cake lifter.

One of the scariest things is having to transport your beautifully made cake to a cake stand, cake box, etc. The last thing you want is for you to inch your cake onto something to move it to a new location and it all comes falling apart. That’s why I love using my cake lifter! This one tool is pretty heavy and will support your cakes really nicely as you transport it to its new location. I do recommend keeping your hand underneath the lifter to help support the cake as well.

6 Essential Baking Tools 

OK, you guys, did I convince you that it’s worth it to invest in these 6 essential baking tools? These really will make your caking baking and decorating experience so much better! I’m all about investing where it counts, and these tools are it! Let’s give our cakes the best chance by using the best quality baking tools! 

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  1. Which size of the cake pans do you recommend? I know you do 8 inch or 6inch for most recipes. But what depth? 8×2 8×3 8×4?