Best Cakes for Father’s Day

June 8, 2021

Father’s Day is around the corner, so it’s time to pick the perfect cake for main man!

Best Cakes for Father's Day - Ryan shares his top cake picks for Father's Day: a line up of mostly chocolate and all delicious! #bestcakesforfathersday #fathersdaycakes #cakerecipes #fathersdaycakeideas #fathersdaydesserts

Best Cakes for Father’s Day

With Father’s Day around the corner, I asked Ryan to pick his favorite cakes to celebrate the day with. No surprise to me, most of them are chocolate cakes! My chocolate cakes are always his favorites, with the exception of Biscoff (a non-chocolate cake that makes the list today). If you’re looking for fruit filled cakes, they don’t make his list but there’s plenty on the blog!

Chocolate Caramel Coconut Cake

At the top of Ryan’s list is my Chocolate Caramel Coconut Cake, formerly the Samoa Girl Scout Cookie Cake. This cake has so many delicious elements: chocolate cake, shortbread cookie buttercream, shortbread cookie crumbs, coconut caramel filling and chocolate ganache. All the delicious flavors and textures of my favorite Girl Scout Cookie, in a cake!

Chocolate Coconut Caramel Cake - chocolate cake, shortbread cookie buttercream, caramel coconut filling and chocolate ganache #cakebycourtney #chocolatecoconutcaramelcake #samoacake #chocolatecake #bestfathersdaycakes #fathersdaycakes #coconut #buttercreamrecipe #nakedcake

Ultimate S’mores Cake

Another fan favorite, perfect for summer and dads, is my Ultimate S’mores Cake. This cake is filled with chocolate cake, graham cracker crust, chocolate ganache, toasted marshmallow filling, chocolate buttercream and marshmallow fluff. I know, I know – it sounds like a lot! But don’t let that deter you from making this cake.

Tip: spread the baking process out over the course of a week. Do a little each day and then you’ll be stress free the day you need to assemble and serve.

Ultimate S'mores Cake - the perfect cake for summer! Chocolate cake baked on graham cracker crust, filled with chocolate ganache, toasted marshmallow filling, chocolate buttercream and homemade marshmallow fluff. #smorescake #ultimatesmorescake #cakebycourtney #smores #smorescakerecipe #smoresdessert #summercake

Chocolate Malt Cake

If the man in your life prefers a milk chocolate, Ryan recommends my Chocolate Malt Cake. This cake is also in Westin’s top 10 cakes. I first made my Chocolate Malt Cake last year and it quickly became one of Westin’s top 5 favorite cakes (along with the Ultimate S’mores Cake). That boy loves chocolate!

This cake is also a ode to my grandpa Wayne, who used to make us a chocolate malt every time we’d visit. It was never a chocolate shake. Always a chocolate malt. He was very specific and wanted us to know the difference. I’ll always think of grandpa when I make this cake.

Chocolate Malt Cake #cakebycourtney #chocolatemaltcake #malt #maltcake #easycakerecipe #cake #buttercream #maltbuttercream

Almond Joy Cake

For a balance of chocolate and something a bit lighter, we are big fans of my Almond Joy Cake. Ryan loves coconut and chocolate, so the silky smooth coconut buttercream on this cake hits the spot every time!

Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel

One of the very first cakes I ever made was this Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Cake and it’s been one of Ryan’s favorites ever since.

Chocolate Salted Caramel Cake -rich, dark chocolate cake layers with a delicious salted caramel buttercream. #cakerecipe #cakerecipesforfathersday #fathersdaycakes #cake #chocolatecake #bestchocolatecakerecipe

Biscoff Cake

And for the one non-chocolate cake that makes his list, my Biscoff Cake! This one is made up of Biscoff Cake layers, Biscoff filling, and white chocolate buttercream.

Golf Cake

If you’d rather focus on design, this golf cake is a super simple one to do!

Best Cakes for Father’s Day

I hope you found some ideas for the dads in your life from my list of the best cakes for Father’s Day! For more inspiration, check out my favorite cake bloggers HERE. And, make sure to follow me on Instagram @cakebycourtney!

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