Learn to make cakes like the pro
Cake by Courtney Cake Course
Are you ready to make the most delicious tasting and beautiful looking cake?  

Put your nerves aside, I’m here to teach you all my tips and tricks.

I’m all about: if I can do it, so can you!
From Baking

To Frosting

To Decorating
To Eating
I'll be with you every step of the way.
But really, friend. I got you.
Course Includes:

My sold out cake class... two ways! You can watch the class in full and then come back to it and watch it chapter by chapter.

  • Everything you need to know before you start baking

  • My favorite and most essential tools for cake decorating

  • Tips for baking the best tasting and best looking cake layers

  • How to make the best buttercream EVER

  • How to stack and decorate a cake like a pro

 I've broken it into 10 easy-to-watch chapters, so that you can quickly watch for all my essential tips and tricks depending on where you are in the cake making process.

(Make sure to watch chapter 8 to learn how to master the art of straight, smooth sides. this is typically a class I teach on it's own for $50!)

I believe in cakes.
There's not much cake can't fix.  Whether that's making it or eating it. 
Cake is therapy.
And I can't wait to help you get baking that perfect, yummy cake.
Hey Friend,

Ten years ago, I lost myself.  I was a new mom, struggling with anxiety and the stresses of motherhood.  I needed a place to turn.

In an effort to impress my in-laws, I made a birthday cake.  This cake wasn't pretty, but it sure was yummy.  My husband was proud, my in-laws were delighted and I was happy.

Making cakes saved me.

After that I was hooked and started soaking up everything there was to know about cakes.  I've now made hundreds of cakes over the past ten years and I've made all of the mistakes so that you don't have to.  

I hope this course puts that creative spark back in your life! I want you to watch these lessons over and over and to bake cake after cake. I know you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and pure joy from making a cake and sharing it with the ones you love.

I'm so glad you are here and I'm honored you'd invite me into your kitchen.

Trust me, this is going to take your cake making up a notch.
Just listen to a couple of my course graduates:
"10/10 would recommend taking a cake class from
Courtney. Tons of fun and you learn so much. Who knew I could make a cake?!"
" You have taught me so much about baking. I’ve literally been able to take my baking to the next level. "

Take a look inside one of my classes

Regular price for my in-person class is $135!  
You can stay stuck in the "I can't bake cakes" rut or you can use my 10+ years of experience, join the course and start creating cake-filled memories.

(I'd choose the latter, sounds delicious.)
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