Sweet Date Night Ideas for Foodies

In a date night rut? I’m sharing some fun and definitely sweet date night ideas for foodies in today’s post.

Courtney and her husband holding a cake made from a baking subscription box for a date night. www.cakebycourtney.com

The Date Night Planning Challenge

I’m going to be honest, and I’d love to know if you agree. Planning date nights is hard! First, you actually have to find the time. For Ryan and me, life is a little crazy and our schedules don’t always coincide. That means, we literally pull out our calendars, find open nights, and actually write “date night” into the schedule. That may not be super romantic, but it’s what works for us.

Our second challenge is usually figuring out what to do. Anyone else? We often just go grab dinner and have a moment of peace without the kids. But, it’s also nice to do something out of the ordinary and make some real plans. And it’s those nights that I’m reminded of how much I love having intentional date time with him.

That being said, I still don’t like to do a lot of planning or preparation. Whether it’s buying a ticket, picking a restaurant, or simply agreeing on a time and place, there’s just not always the time to plan things in too much detail. That’s why I love a date night that allows us to just say yes, and not stress about the details.

Sweet Date Night Ideas for Foodies

This is why I like to tell the busiest of couples about my baking subscription box. It’s literally delivered to your door so you don’t need to plan anything, or even leave your house for an exciting and decadent dessert night. I love hearing how much fun couples and spouses are able to have bonding over floury faces and tasty treats. 

But cakes aren’t the only way to have a fun date!  So whatever the reason you’re looking for date night ideas, the good news is that there are plenty. Whether you’re wanting to create something special, try something new, or bring out your inner child, I’ve got some ideas for you to spice up your date nights!

4 Sweet Date Night Ideas for Foodies

Sweet Date Night Idea for Foodies #1: Tastings

Wooden board displaying a variety of chocolates and cocoa beans for a tasting. www.cakebycourtney.com

Food tastings are so popular right now! This is such a fun date night to try new foods and connect with your partner. It’s perfect for the couple that calls themselves foodies!

Tastings can provide a delicious experience for your tastebuds. Some of my favorite tastings I’ve done have included chocolate, cheese, oils and vinegars, coffee, and tea. 

Most tastings include an expert in whatever you’re tasting so they’ll be able to walk you through the process of how to taste certain foods and truly enjoy them. It’s so fun to learn about the history of where certain foods originate and helps me appreciate food and flavors so much more. 

If you don’t see a tasting near you that gets you and your date excited, feel free to get creative, or even try your own. Don’t see a dumpling tasting on your Google search? Grab a couple of different kinds from a nearby restaurant and taste and rate them at your own home!

Sweet Date Night Idea for Foodies #2: Food Truck Night

Food trucks are the perfect way to try a bunch of different foods in a lovely outdoor setting. My favorite thing to do is order something from one truck and my husband will order something completely different. Then we share our meals and get twice the variety of food!

Food truck nights are great because there’s normally some live music, fun kids’ activities and great outdoor seating to just enjoy the evening and your food. 

And if you’re still hungry after your first course, don’t worry! There are plenty of food trucks to grab seconds at. Don’t forget to leave room for dessert! 

Sweet Date Night Idea for Foodies #3: Cooking Classes

Person in baking class. www.cakebycourtney.com

Grab your apron and adorn your chefs hat, it’s time to get cooking! Cooking classes are such a fun way to interact as a couple. This is a perfect time to learn something new together and have something that you’ll be able to create over and over again. 

This is the perfect date night if you have a smaller kitchen and can’t always cook certain meals due to the lack of space or kitchen tools. A cooking class is going to have all of the fun, fancy tools you need to make the perfect meal. 

You could even make this a regular thing! Try a new cooking class together every few months. Maybe one month, you try a Thai food cooking class, and another month you could try your hand at cooking Indian food. There are so many possibilities when it comes to cooking classes! 

And hey, maybe you and your spouse aren’t super into cooking savory food but you love to bake sweets. Well, that’s where my subscription cake box can help you out!

Sweet Date Night Idea for Foodies #4: Cake Subscription Box

Maybe I’m biased but I definitely have a favorite kind of date night… and no surprises here — it involves a new cake! 

But rather than going to the store to pick up a dozen ingredients after work only to find that you have less sugar in your pantry than expected… 

Try using a cake-decorating subscription box. 

Seriously, this has been one of the most fun date nights my spouse and I have had, and I hear it all the time from other couples as well! There’s nothing more romantic than goofing around in the kitchen, working together, and creating something delicious.

I often hear from friends and followers that their favorite thing about using a subscription box for date nights is that it’s a consistent activity to look forward to. Everyone gets excited when a new cake flavor is delivered each month—  and it seems to me that couples are always able to make time for a date night when it involves cake.

4 Reasons You’ll Love a Cake Decorating Box

I hope you’re excited to try out those sweet date night ideas for foodies! Now, I have to tell you why you’ll love a cake decorating box so much!

Reason #1: Great for Groups

Group of people decorating dessert from a cake decorating subscription bo

When my husband and I want to host a group in our home for a date night, decorating a cake together has been a big hit! 

It’s even more fun when you turn it into a competition. You can try multiple different cakes and see who has the best decorating skills. (Obviously, it’s going to be you because you’ll have already had some practice with your subscription box.) 

Reason #2: It has the Best Ingredients

the best cake ingredients to bake with. www.cakebycourtney.com

And I’d like to think my cakes aren’t just any kind of cake, they’re the best cakes. Only the best ingredients are sent to you each month in my Cake by Courtney Cake Boxes. These cakes are so not even in the ballpark of trying to make your own or the dreaded boxed cake from the store.

Trust me, this is so much more fun to both cook and eat. 

Reason #3: It’s Always Different

With my cake decorating subscription box, you’ll get to try a variety of different flavors. Each month you’ll get a different cake recipe to create! You can try flavors you never thought to make and you’ll learn new things about baking with each recipe.

Reason #4: It’s so Simple

Round yellow lemon cake on top of spinning cake table.

Don’t consider yourself a master chef? No problem. These cake-decorating boxes are made so that even the most novice baker can use them. 

Each box comes with pre-measured ingredients and a recipe card with instructions so it’ll be really hard for you to mess it up!

After just a few months, you’ll be ready to be the next contestant on Food Network’s Baking Championship! Okay, maybe not, but you really will start to feel like an expert… not to mention you’ll have eaten a lot of delicious cake in the process! 

Check out Cake by Courtney!

Having a consistent date night is so important to keep your relationship with your partner fresh and allow you to fall in love all over again. It’s healthy to plan exciting dates that you can look forward to each month. 

Cake By Courtney is the perfect way to have a consistent date night each month. It’s a fun and unique cake subscription box that’s perfect to use for a date night. Whether you’re a novice beginner or a seasoned baker, this subscription box is what you need in your life. Enjoy fun flavors and excellent ingredients in each box delivered right to your doorstep. 

Here’s how it works: 

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