Feel Good Podcasts for Cake Lovers

June 25, 2021

Here are 5 feel good podcasts for cake lovers that you need to listen to!

Podcast for Cake Lovers

I love baking for so many other reasons besides just the end product of a beautiful and delicious cake! (Don’t get me wrong… I really do love that part!) But baking allows me to connect with all different kinds of people, on all different journeys. That is something that is pretty special to me. On my podcast, Courtney Beyond the Cake, I get to speak with guests who are after greater self-love, greater connection, and the greater good. Here are just a few feel good podcasts for cake lovers that are sure to uplift your soul: 

Living a Whole Life with Laurel Gallucci

Imagine being told you’ll never be able to eat cake again! Maybe that doesn’t sound like the biggest deal, unless you’re me. Hearing something like this was also devastating to Laurel Gallucci. She was diagnosed with an aggressive autoimmune disease less than 10 years ago. 

However, the lifelong baker and dessert lover refused to accept that fate. She set out on a mission to create desserts free of the ingredients that were destroying her body. For months, Laurel spent day after day in her kitchen creating delicious treats made from whole ingredients. The day she shared her grain-free, refined-sugar-free, dairy-free, soy-free, gum-free, filler-free, fudge frosted chocolate caramel cake with her friend Claire Thomas, Sweet Laurel Bakery was born. 

Years of fighting this aggressive autoimmune disorder with whole foods and Laurel is now in remission. She’s been doing it all while educating others about the impact foods have on our bodies. In today’s episode of Courtney, Beyond the Cake, Laurel shares her journey with us. Laurel shares her mission to live and promote a whole life, as well as the importance of loving ourselves enough to take care of ourselves.

Choosing to Love and Heal with Jessica Frew

Jessica Frew is a wife, ex-wife, mom, stepmom, and a BOLD action taker. Together with her husband Matt and ex-husband Steve, she created the podcast, “Husband in Law”. Here, they share their stories of love, marriage, coming out, divorce, remarriage and co-parenting to help others know they are not alone. The three also co-own The BOLD Logic, a company devoted to helping people move away from living in an “I should” mindset. They encourage people to take BOLD action towards keeping and reclaiming their sense of self. 

After years of working through her own healing, Jessica served as a facilitator for support groups for Friends and Family of Pornography Addicts. During this time and through these experiences, she realized she had been given a gift that she could use to help others heal as well.

Jessica is a firm believer that by knowing and understanding what it is you really want in life you can “boldly” create a life you love. No matter what your circumstances. 

Together, Jessica, Matt and Steve are working to spread the values of love, kindness, acceptance, understanding, respect, and appreciation as key tools for creating healthy relationships. One of my favorite feel good podcast episodes for foodies.

The Joy of Beauty and Baking with Jerrod Blandino

Another feel good podcast for cake lovers just has to be my time spent with Jerrod Blandino. From creating makeup colors in his apartment kitchen to running one of the biggest makeup brands in the world, Too Faced Co-Founder Jerrod Blandino’s vision for changing the beauty industry has never changed. He set out to disrupt the norm. He created formulaic colors and styles and introduce fun and excitement to the beauty industry.

Jerrod is passionate about helping women find the joy in beauty and being the best version of themselves. He’s spent over two decades pushing past the no’s and turning them into yes’s. And now, he’s getting back in the kitchen. But instead of mixing up eye shadow colors, he’s mixing up all things sweet and savory in his new weekly Instagram show: Bakeup with Jerrod

Making Life Beautiful with Shea McGee

After graduating with a degree in Communications, Shea McGee realized her heart wasn’t in media – it was in design. She made a huge leap and switched careers, with her own home remodel as her first design portfolio project. 

As she started taking on clients in the Southern California area, Shea’s aesthetic started to catch attention. She became one of the first design influencers on Instagram. A few years into design, Shea finally convinced her husband Syd to join her and Studio McGee was officially launched. 

The firm’s design and fan base grew, paving the way for the launch of their own brand of products. Their achievements include McGee & Co, as well as a multi-year partnership with Target for Threshold, a book “Make Life Beautiful,” and most recently, a Netflix series, “Dream Home Makeover.”

Shea is also the mother of two girls, with one on the way and in today’s episode. She shares with us how she works to manage her business and family, why asking for help is okay, what’s next for Studio McGee, and how we can make life beautiful. Her story checks all boxes for a feel good podcast for any foodie.

Moving Through the Noise to Love the Life You Live with Naomi Davis

For nearly 14 years, Naomi Davis has celebrated motherhood, family, travel, good food and life’s simple joys on her blog, Love Taza. Now, Naomi opens up even more about marriage, motherhood, friendship and family in her new book. “A Coat of Yellow Paint: Moving Through the Noise to Love the Life You Live,” shows readers how to ignore the noise distracting you from living with purpose.

She’s opening up about life as a Juilliard dancer, what caused her to change her relationship with her body, how her family blog turned into a business, lessons of motherhood and family, and some valuable life lessons that have taught her how to slow down and focus on what matters most. Another feel good podcast for foodies.

Do me a favor and check out my podcast, Courtney Beyond the Cake. I’d love to have you on this journey of self-love and greater connection! It’s most definitely a feel good podcast for cake lovers! Don’t forget to drop a line in the comments if you like the podcast 🙂

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