Guilt-Free Protein-Packed Chocolate Chip Cookies

June 29, 2017

These guilt-free protein-packed chocolate chip cookies are so delicious you’d have no idea they’re actually good for you!

healthy and delicious chocolate chip cookies.

After a week of vacation and then jumping into two new cakes (which means a lot of taste testing), I’m feeling like I need to tone down the sugar for a second. I’ll be honest, though, that’s not easy for me to do! Even when I’m “trying to be good,” my sweet tooth is still looking for something sweet. And while I love myself some cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it’s nice to have a few healthy-ish treats every now and then.

the best healthy chocolate chip cookies ever.

But, I won’t eat just any healthy treat. It needs to taste good or it’s not worth the calories, no matter how healthy it is. With that goal in mind, I turned one of my favorite treats into something I could feel good about eating.

The recipe is pretty simple and doesn’t require you to get anything out of the ordinary. I use blanched almond flour in place of white flour, coconut sugar in place of white sugar, just a small amount of brown sugar to keep the cookies chewy, and then coconut oil in place of butter. I also add a couple of scoops of vanilla protein powder by Ideal Fit. The protein powder helps to give the cookie a little flavor and sweetness, but you can’t even tell it’s there.

the best protein chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Ideal Fit’s French Vanilla protein powder is also my go-to for smoothies and protein bites. This brand actually tastes good and is kid-approved in my house (which is a huge stamp of approval because I have picky eaters!). And for my readers, Ideal Fit is offering 10% off your next purchase with code “CAKE.”

healthy, protein-packed chocolate chips cookies.

For a “healthy” treat, I think you’ll really enjoy these guilt-free protein-packed chocolate chip cookies! Follow me on Instagram @cakebycourtney for more recipes and baking tips!

Happy baking!

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  1. Amber Dolly says:

    These cookies are amazing! I used a different paleo protein powder but the consistency was perfection. Thank you!!

  2. These cookies are SO good! I’ve tried a lot of healthier versions and none of them are close to being as good as this one. Thank you so much!

  3. Very good! These cookies have great consistency and taste 🙂 I used an alternate vanilla protein powder and it worked great.
    The chocolate chips have a hard time sticking to the batter so I just shoved the remaining chips onto my cookie balls on the pan. I’ll be making these again— I can’t seem to find how to leave a rating on this page, but if I could I’d give 5 stars

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