How to Convert Any Layered Cake into Cupcakes

How to Convert Any Layered Cake into Cupcakes

I get asked almost every day if one of my layered cakes can be turned into cupcakes. The answer? Yes! There are just a few simple steps to follow when wanting to adjust the recipe for cupcakes. It is totally doable and no reason for you not to make the most delicious cupcakes from these cake recipes! Alright, here is how to convert any layered cake into cupcakes.

the best way to convert layered cake into cupcakes.

Sometimes cupcakes are just what you need to serve at a party or gathering. They make it clean and easy to pass out to lots of different people quickly. And just because you’re serving cupcakes doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice any of the flavors or magic that a cake can bring. 

I have lots of cake recipes on my website where I include a step-by-step guide on how to transform the cake into cupcakes, but I thought it was about time to dedicate a general post on this topic so you all can see just how easy it is to do! 

How to Convert Any Layered Cake into Cupcakes Step #1

the simplest way to convert a layered cake into cupcakes.

Prepare cake batter, buttercream, and additional fillings/toppings as directed in the original recipe.

The first step is super easy. You will just follow the cake recipe like normal when you’re prepping your batter, buttercream, and fillings/toppings. Set aside your buttercream and toppings. Next, you’ll prep your muffin tin and pour the batter into each cup about ¾ full. 

How to Convert Any Layered Cake into Cupcakes Step #2

converting a layered cake into cupcakes.

Decrease the baking time by 5-10 minutes.

When it comes to actually baking the cupcakes in the oven, the temperature will remain the same as what’s directed in the original cake recipe. However, you will want to decrease the baking time by 5-10 minutes. Just make sure to keep a close eye on your cupcakes to ensure they are getting baked properly because every bake and oven is different! 

How to Convert Any Layered Cake into Cupcakes Step #3

how to make cupcakes using a layered cake recipe.

Fill and/or decorate the cupcakes with your prepared buttercream and fillings/toppings.

Depending on what type of filings and/or toppings the cake recipe calls for, you can decide if you want to fill the inside of your cupcakes with a cream filling or just decorate the top of your cupcakes. I like to fill the inside of my cupcakes whenever I can and then pipe the top with the buttercream frosting and then finish it off by sprinkling any type of crumble mixture or whatever the recipe calls for. 

This is your chance to get creative and find ways to make all the different ingredients shine through. You can have a lot of fun with this and make them look really beautiful AND taste amazing! 

How to Convert Any Layered Cake into Cupcakes

I hope this post on how to convert any layered cake into cupcakes is helpful! It really is so simple to convert almost any cake recipe into cupcakes. The main difference is the baking time, so just be aware of that whenever you make your cupcakes! If you liked this post and want to know more tips and recipes on all things cake, follow me on Instagram @cakebycourtney!  

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  1. I have been doing this for the last several months and I think they are soooo good as cupcakes with filling. I found out the hard way that 3 tbsp is the perfect amount of batter to fill a cupcake liner. And I bake all at 325 for 16 to 18 minutes and they are perfect.

  2. Some of your recipes have a filling, do we use the same amount or cut that in half? And What cupcake liners do you use they are so cute!