How to Make Family Dinners for Busy Weeknights 

How to Make Family Dinners for Busy Weeknights 

I had the amazing opportunity recently to chat with a long-time friend of mine, Kelsey Nixon. If you’re a fan of Food Network or Cooking Channel, you’ll know exactly who this is! Kelsey has been on one amazing journey (with her career and family life) and her current focus is family dinner meals. She’s has a recipe club where you’ll learn how to make family dinners for busy weeknights. 

Kelsey has made quite the reputation for herself, beginning when she was fresh out of college and culinary school. Kelsey’s casting on the reality TV show, “Food Network Star” launched her career in food. 

Later, Kelsey found out she was cast as the young girl who thought she knew how to do everything but really didn’t. However, she still managed to win 4th place overall and voted as the fan-favorite. Kelsey is so grateful for this experience helping her get her foot in the door to work with Food Network. She also describes her time on the show as a million-dollar experience that she wouldn’t pay a penny to do again. 

Several years have passed since her time there, and the gusto and focus she once had for becoming a regular Food Network star has shifted to helping young families create precious moments around the family dinner table. 

Tips and tricks to weeknight meals your kids will love.

How to Make Family Dinners for Busy Weeknights

When Kelsey first launched her course, “Family Meal Makeover” she noticed a need expressed by her people over and over again: Dinner time decision fatigue. 

Kelsey started brainstorming and created a solution for everyone out there who has trouble cooking dinner every single night for their families. First of all, no one expects you to cook every single night. It’s too much! Kelsey knew that providing six recipes every week would quickly become overwhelming. 

Instead, Kelsey’s approach helps with dinner-time decision fatigue, and may even get you excited to go in your kitchen and start cooking. 

Kelsey is calling it her Recipe Club. It includes five new recipes every month and videos of Kelsey making each one where she shares her tips and tricks on making the recipes as easy as possible (along with so much more).

tips and tricks and tools to making weeknight meals better for everyone.

How Joining Recipe Club Will Help Make Your Meal Planning Easier 

Kelsey has three kids of her own, the youngest being 18 months. She is in the thick of it as far as weeknight meals go–but it wasn’t always that way for her. 

Kelsey and her husband had an immensely difficult time starting their family. Kelsey gave birth to their first child at 28 weeks which left him in the NICU for months on end at the beginning of his life. When they tried for a second child, he was born at 25 weeks and only lived for one month before passing away.

It was then that Kelsey’s doctor told her she couldn’t try to have any more children. This broke her heart. All of this happened in the midst of building her career: guest-starring on The Today Show, launching a new product line and recording a new show, Kelsey’s Homemade, that would be aired on the Cooking Channel.  

When Kelsey realized how hard it would be to build her family, she put her career on the back burner. All of her focus shifted to having the family she had always dreamed of. Her sister-in-law and her sister-in-law’s best friend both acted as surrogates for Kelsey. This added two little girls within a few years, completing their family. 

Since having a family is something Kelsey and her husband really had to fight for, their ritual for family dinners is not something she takes lightly. 

Combining Kelsey’s own experience and the feedback from her followers, Recipe Club will give you the confidence to plan meals and hopefully rid you of your dinner-time decision fatigue once and for all. 

How to start loving meal planning without spending hardly any money.

Where to Find Out More About Recipe Club

Kelsey envisions Recipe Club as the solution on how to make family dinners for busy weeknights. While Kelsey truly loves getting in the kitchen and cooking for others, she also knows that family dinner has nothing to do with the recipe you’re making and everything to do with the ritual of sitting down and breaking bread with the people you love. 

If you want to learn more about Recipe Club and where you can join, you can visit Kelsey’s website here. There’s also a really handy option to gift this to someone–just in time for the holidays. Plus, there’s a bonus for signing up in December! You can follow Kelsey on Instagram @kelseynixon if you want to keep up with her recipes and all the other amazing things she’s doing.

And of course, it always makes any meal better if you end it with cake, so make sure to follow me on Instagram @cakebycourtney for all my latest cake recipes and more. 

P.S. Speaking of family-friendly dinners, my homemade little Debbie Christmas tree cakes would be so fun to make and eat with your kids!

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