Take your cake baking to the
Cake by Courtney Next Level Cake Course
You know how to make the most delicious cake and decorate it like a pro, and now you're ready to take your skills up a notch.  

This course is for you.
Pro cake decorating made easy.
From making that over-the-top party cake, to decorating dreamy wedding cakes, to painting buttercream flowers, to pricing your cakes...

I'm going to show you how to do it all!
Whether you are ready to start selling your cake creations or want to make your friends' wedding, birthday or shower cakes, this course is going to give you the skills and confidence to do it all with ease. 
Cake baking is better together.
I'll be with you every step of the way.
Course includes
Classic Party Cakes
  • stacking a cake with a soft filling
  • getting sharp edges without an acrylic disk

  • my favorite piping techniques

Wedding Cakes
  • decorating a semi-naked cake
  • raw edges
  • stacking tall cakes
  • stacking tiered cakes
  • adding fresh flowers 

How to Cut Cakes
  • cutting cakes for parties and weddings

Over the Top Party Cakes
  • buttercream stripes
  • getting the perfect drip

Painting cakes
  • how to paint buttercream flowers

Adjusting batter for different sized pans
  • how to make larger and smaller cakes

How to Price Cakes
  • how to price your cakes to sell
 This course is 1 hr and 45 minutes of instruction, broken up into 8 easy-to-watch chapters.
Get access to my exclusive cake community over on FB.
(worth $147)

I believe in cakes.
Taking your cake decorating to the next level is life changing.
It changed me and it can change you.
Hey Friend,

Ten years ago, I lost myself.  I was a new mom, struggling with anxiety and the stresses of motherhood.  I needed a place to turn. I turned to cake making and it brought me out of my darkness.

Making cake saved me.

I spent the next 10 years testing and perfecting my cakes.  I was hooked but wanted more.

One day, a friend called and told me that it was time to take my cake making more seriously.  She could see what I was scared to see: that I needed to take my cake baking to the next level and share it with more people.

That moment changed me.

You know how to make cakes.  You are getting requests from friends and family all the time.  You want more.  Consider this that phone call from a friend.

It's time to take your cake baking to the next level. 

You can do it and I'll be with you every step of the way.  


Two ways to purchase the course
Trust me, this is going to be a game changer for your cake decorating.

Just listen to a couple of my course graduates:
"10/10 would recommend taking a cake class from
Courtney. Tons of fun and you learn so much. Who knew I could make a cake?!"
" You have taught me so much about baking. I’ve literally been able to take my baking to the next level. "
I know what you're thinking.  I can just Google it and figure this out on my own. 

You could do that and stay in that time-wasting and frustrating rut, or you can get step-by-step instructions from a friend you can trust AND get a community to support you all along the way.
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Just imagine how good it will feel to learn the skills and have the confidence to really take it to the NEXT LEVEL
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