Three Benefits of Mindset Healing 

Three Benefits of Mindset Healing 

What do you know about natural healing techniques? Have you tried them? There’s tons of healers coming out with different healing techniques today. One I find interesting is from the teachings of mindset healer and wellness coach, Aubrey Taylor. Here are some of her thoughts along with three benefits of mindset healing. 

Aubrey is a self-taught healer. She started her journey when she was looking for healing for her own health issues. She dealt with IBS and constipation, chronic gas and bloating, intolerance to food in general, chronic fatigue, migraines, poor immune system, PCOS, anxiety, and depression. 

That is quite the list of health issues. For years, Aubrey went to doctor after doctor trying to find a cure or at least an understanding of why she had all of these issues. Unfortunately, she kept getting passed to the next health professional only to still feel stuck and almost hopeless. 

Once Aubrey discovered natural ways of healing, and how your mindset played a key role in that, every health issue she had disappeared within one year. She couldn’t believe it. And she (and her family) have never been happier. 

The Benefits of Mindset Healing with Aubrey Taylor 

tips and tricks to healing your mind and body.

Benefit #1: Mindset healing can relieve physical pain.

As mentioned above, mindset healing is what healed Aubrey of her chronic health issues. First, it healed her IBS and constipation. She specifically focused on three things that brought this miracle. Those three things are what she bases her teachings on today. They are:

  1. Gut health
  2. Blood sugar and insulin balance
  3. Decreasing systemic chronic inflammation

(Focusing on balancing your blood sugar and insulin is what decreases your systemic chronic inflammation.) 

Once Aubrey hit her 4-month mark with focusing on these three things, she was no longer experiencing any symptoms of IBS or constipation. This made her excited and determined to find more solutions to healing her other health issues. 

how your body and mind are connected.

Benefit #2: Mindset healing can relieve anxiety and depression. 

One day Aubrey was outside doing yard work with her husband. (This is after Aubrey started her natural healing journey.) She remembers him putting his tools down and looking at her. She asked, “Are you OK?” And he says, “Can we keep this new version of you in case she goes away again?” 

At that moment, she knew something big was going on. She could tell she was changing for the better and her husband was noticing it. As she kept living this new healthy lifestyle, the rest of her symptoms started to melt away one month at a time. 

There was a time in Aubrey’s life where she deeply struggled with anxiety and depression, and especially social anxiety. She described it as being zipped inside a black body bag. In the midst of her healing process, she noticed there was a zipper on the bag. A few months later she thought, I can unzip this a little bit…and a little bit more, and then the light started to come in. 

A couple months later she was able to step out of the bag, and another month later she was able to step away from the bag. 

This experience is one of the concrete things that has made a huge difference in Aubrey’s mental health and her overall life. 

meet mindset coach aubrey taylor.

Benefit #3: Mindset healing opens a new peaceful way of living. 

Aubrey’s main focuses with this new way of living are mindset, nutrition, and stress management. Nurturing these three aspects of her being and life has given her a refreshed new perspective, more energy to play with her kids, and a healthy marriage. 

Aubrey has used Mother Earth in all of her healing as well. For example, grounding and forest bathing are two techniques to help with stress management. Aubrey knows the body cannot go where the mind has not gone. Once she developed the understanding of how powerful our mindsets are, everything changed. 

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I hope you enjoyed learning about these three benefits from mindset healing. If you’re interested in hearing more thoughts from Aubrey Taylor and mindset healing, listen to the full podcast episode here. If you’re facing any chronic health issues and have been wondering about natural healing techniques, reach out to Aubrey on her Instagram @heal_your_3. You can also follow me @cakebycourtney for tips on baking and eating the best cakes you’ve ever had!

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