Family Food Wars: Create Your Own Cookie Recipe

Join in on our Family Food Wars fun with this week’s challenge: Create Your Own Cookie Recipe.

Family Food Wars

A couple years ago, Westin challenged me to a bake off. It was late one Sunday afternoon and I was exhausted. I said “no, not tonight.” He asked again, a little more pleading in his voice. I said “no” again, promising we’d do it another night. He asked one more time and suddenly I felt the pull to say, “yes.”

It was the start of our Family Food Wars.

The first time it was Westin against me, with Avery and Ryan as judges. Avery wanted in on the action and took my place as competitor against Westin. I became the “host” and mentor, and Ryan stayed in his place as judge.

We’ve kept it going on and off for nearly 2 years now.

The challenges have ranged from making appetizers with only 5 ingredients, using pudding in a dessert, making a no-bake dessert, creating something healthy in less than 30 minutes… and most recently: create a cookie recipe from scratch.

For this week’s challenge, I thought it would be fun to push the kids’ and see what they could do with one task and a few clues. I’ve always learned best by trial and error. I think it’s so neat to learn how things work by experimenting.

I gave them the challenge, along with this worksheet.

Before the kids start putting ingredients together, they read through the steps and clues to help determine how much of each ingredient to put in and what flavors they wanted to work with.

I helped a little, but didn’t give them exact measurements they should use.

The results were so impressive!

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