How to Make Red and Blue Buttercream That Won’t Stain Your Teeth

Jun 24

How to make gorgeous red and blue buttercream that won’t stain your teeth!

Black Buttercream Comparison

Like black buttercream, getting true red and blue colors in buttercream can be tricky. In fact, I think it’s even harder to achieve than black buttercream. At least with black buttercream, you’re starting with a dark base since you’re making a chocolate buttercream. With red and blue frosting however, we’re starting with white! You’ve probably noticed that using just red and blue food coloring ends up creating pink and light blue frostings, unless you use the whole bottle of food color – which inevitably turns teeth red and blue. Eek! No thank you!

But similar to black buttercream, the key to getting the right color without having to use too much food coloring, is time!

Red and blue buttercream tutorial

Red and Blue Buttercream Tutorial

Before we get to the time element, though, let’s talk about prepping your colors. I suggest using Americolor food gels or Wilton food gels. The liquid food dye you get at the grocery store will do the job. The gels provide a much more condensed color, which means you don’t have to use as much to get the colors you want.

Colors you’ll need:

  • Soft pink
  • True Red
  • Magenta
  • Navy

These are all Americolor colors, but Wilton has similar ones if that’s what you can find. Just make sure you’re using the gels in the squeeze bottles and not the gels Wilton has in the containers with the twist caps. I don’t like those ones as much.

Red Buttercream

To get a red buttercream, you’ll first add about three drops of soft pink food coloring to your white buttercream. Stir well.

Next, you’ll add about a teaspoon of the true red food coloring. Then, once you’ve mixed the buttercream so that no streaks of food coloring remain, cover the buttercream and let it sit at room temperature for a few hours. If I leave out the cream in my buttercream, I’ve even left my bowl on the counter overnight.

Time is key in getting more saturated colors. Just like the black buttercream we’ve made, the red and blue colors will darken in the frosting as they sit out for a while. I recommend making your red and blue frosting a day before you plan to assemble and decorate your cake or cupcakes just to make sure you have plenty of time for those colors to sit.

Blue Buttercream

Just like the red buttercream, we’re going to create a base color before using any blue. To your white buttercream, add about three drops of magenta food coloring. If you can’t find magenta, you can also use a violet.

Red and Blue Buttercream Tutorial

Following the magenta or violet, add about one teaspoon of the navy food coloring. And just like the red buttercream, you’ll then cover your buttercream and let sit out for at least a few hours to darken.

Red and Blue Buttercream Tutorial

These colors above are from letting the buttercream sit out for about four hours. The buttercream behind the bowls, in the piping bags, had been sitting out overnight.

Red and Blue Buttercream Tutorial

So give yourself some time and be patient with the process. Follow these easy steps and you’ll end up with some gorgeous frosting for your Fourth of July cakes!

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  1. This is great information! Thank you for sharing. Future (selfish) blog idea: Would love to see some tips on a white (or any color besides chocolate) drip.

  2. TRHANK YOU. THANK YOU for the tips on getting red and blue frosting. I am excited to make the red frosting for my colors in a few weeks. Thanks ❤️

  3. Thank you, this is really helpful! How much buttercream did you use for each color? I suspect the amount of buttercream would change how much coloring is needed?

  4. Is there a special way to keep the red from staining the “eater’s” lips/teeth/mouth? Is it bitter?

    How to you figure out an amount to frost a 10 inch cake? Thank you.