5 Cakes to Make Before Summer Ends

August 2, 2023

5 Cakes to Make Before Summer Ends

How is your summer going? Summer is such a fun time to travel and visit with your family. And that might mean you haven’t been able to bake as much as you’d like, but hopefully the summer plans are winding down and you can get back in your kitchen! I have 5 cakes to make before summer ends, so choose your favorite and enjoy it with your kiddos before you send them back to school! 

5 delicious cakes to make before summer ends. www.cakebycourtney.com

I’ve had so much fun visiting with my family this past summer and taking my kids on a few trips. But oh how I’ve missed baking in the kitchen! I am ready to get back in and gear up for the fall season coming up. But before I do, I had to share these 5 cakes to make before summer ends! Any one of these would be the perfect way to celebrate the amazing summer you’ve just had as a family. 

End of Summer Cake #1: Dunkaroo Cake with Confetti Buttercream

dunkaroo cake recipe. www.cakebycourtney.com

My Dunkaroo Cake is one of my newer creations! The idea for this cake comes from one of my followers on Instagram and I couldn’t agree more with her idea! Dunkaroos was one of my absolute favorite snacks as a kid, so turning this staple treat into a cake was a dream come true. This cake includes graham cracker layers, confetti buttercream, and a white chocolate-covered graham cracker crumble! 

End of Summer Cake #2: Peaches and Cream Cake

peaches and cream cake. www.cakebycourtney.com

My Peaches and Cream Cake was definitely a labor of love! I first made it a handful of years ago for my daughter Avery’s birthday, per her request. It has turned into one of the perfect cakes to enjoy during summer! Peaches are in season and the colors celebrate everything great about this time of year, so I hope you can enjoy this one before summer ends! 

End of Summer Cake #3: Lemon Blueberry Cake

lemon bluberry cake recipe. www.cakebycourtney.com

Another great cake you must try this summer is my Lemon Blueberry Cake! Lemon and blueberry is such a classic duo and can be enjoyed in so many ways–but especially cake! I love how each treat made with these flavors tastes a little different. This cake celebrates lemon cake layers with fresh blueberries, lemon curd, and lemon buttercream.

End of Summer Cake #4: Pina Colada Cake

pina colada cake recipe. www.cakebycourtney.com

I am excited about this one! If you have to choose one of the cakes from this list to make before summer ends, let it be my Pina Colada Cake! The flavors are out of this world and there’s no better time to enjoy them than summertime. This cake is made up of coconut cream cake layers, pineapple curd, and coconut buttercream. Is your mouth watering yet?  

End of Summer Cake #5: Mojito Cake

mojito cake recipe. www.cakebycourtney.com

This Mojito Cake is such a fun one to make too! This one is filled with mint and lime-infused white cake layers, lime curd, and mint buttercream. The fresh lime and mint flavors in this cake are so refreshing for these warm summer months. And when you add in the cream, it’s one of the best combinations! 

5 Cakes to Make Before Summer Ends

I hope you enjoy these precious last days of summer with your kiddos! And, of course it will be so much better if cake is involved. Pick your favorite from these 5 cakes to make before summer ends and let the memories begin! And make sure you are following me on Instagram @cakebycourtney so you can get the best recipes and tips on all things cake!


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