5 Soft & Chewy Cookie Recipes You’ll Love

5 Soft & Chewy Cookie Recipes You’ll Love

Is it just me or does a cookie craving never go away? There’s nothing better-tasting than a soft and chewy cookie, still warm from getting baked in the oven (well, except for cake!). If you’re looking for a delicious cookie recipe to satisfy your craving, any of these recipes are up for the task. Here are 5 soft & chewy cookie recipes you’ll love.

soft and chewy cookies recipes to try with your kids. www.cakebycourtney.com

I’ve had a lot of fun inventing different cookie recipes over the years, and the ones on this list are some of my absolute favorites! Soft and chewy is the only way to eat a cookie, and these recipes do not disappoint. I hope you enjoy these recipes and they become a go-to recipe for you and your family! 

Be sure to check out the original posts I linked for each recipe, so you can get all the tips on making the ultimate soft and chewy cookies. 

5 Soft & Chewy Cookie Recipes You’ll Love 

Soft & Chewy Cookie Recipe #1: Gingersnap Cookies

how to bake gingersnap cookies from scratch. www.cakebycourtney.com

If you’re missing the holidays, these soft & chewy Gingersnap Cookies will take you right back to them! A soft and chewy gingersnap cookie is one of my favorite cookies on the planet. I know gingersnap cookies are traditionally hard and crunchy, but I promise once you taste these you’ll never want to have them any other way. 

Soft & Chewy Cookie Recipe #2: Chocolate Peanut Butter Butterfinger Cookies

how to bake chocolate peanut butter cookies from scratch. www.cakebycourtney.com

I love how you can tell how soft and chewy these will taste just by looking at the Chocolate Peanut Butter Butterfinger Cookies. This recipe is a super easy one to make, so if you’re a fan of Butterfinger, this could be the first recipe to try from the list. These could easily become a family favorite in your home, just like it has for mine!

Soft & Chewy Cookie Recipe #3: Everything but the Kitchen Sink Cookies

how to bake everything but the kitchen sink cookies from scratch. www.cakebycourtney.com

The secret ingredient to these Everything but the Kitchen Sink Cookies is the potato chip and pretzel crack filling. Most recipes for this type of cookie just throw in the pretzels and potato chips, but I make an actual crack filling that you bake before adding it to the cookie dough. This method will help you get that crunchy contrast with the soft and chewy cookie.

Soft & Chewy Cookie Recipe #4: White Chocolate Raspberry Biscoff Cookies

how to back white chocolate raspberry cookies. www.cakebycourtney.com

Raspberries have been on my mind, so I added this White Chocolate Raspberry Biscoff Cookie recipe to the list! (I think it must be from all the raspberry Valentine cake recipes I just added.) There’s a special tip on how to carefully add in the Biscoff spread at the end. You can check that out on the original post before baking!

Soft & Chewy Cookie Recipe #5: Churro Cookies

how to bake churro cookies. www.cakebycourtney.com

I actually used a box of cookie mix for this Churro Cookie recipe. I know, but it’s not what you’re thinking! For this recipe, I teamed up with Food Stirs. They create mixes using high-quality ingredients (i.e. they use real ingredients that are free of artificial preservatives, dyes, and flavors). As much as I love baking from scratch, I also love the convenience of baking from a box mix, especially if you’re baking with kids. 

P.S. The cinnamon chip ganache these cookies are dipped in will change your world! 

I can’t wait for you to try these 5 soft & chewy cookie recipes you’ll love! Let me know which one ends up being your favorite over on Instagram. You can follow me @cakebycourtney. I hope you stick around because that’s where I share all my tips and tricks on baking cakes. And occasionally some other desserts, like cookies as you can tell! 


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