How to Cut a Round Cake the Right Way

October 19, 2022

How to Cut a Round Cake the Right Way

Now that you’ve made this beautiful cake, how do you cut it? Cutting cake can be tricky because you deal with multiple layers and toppings. Plus, if you’re cutting your cake for an event, you want to make sure each slice looks nice and neat. I want to make sure your beautiful cakes stay beautiful from the time you put on your last decoration to when you serve it on the plate! So, here’s how to cut a round cake the right way. 

how to cut a round cake the right way.

It takes a little bit of practice cutting a round cake before you feel confident about it. Like I said, when you’re dealing with multiple layers, toppings, and buttercream, it can get a little confusing on the best way to cut a round cake. You want to make sure each piece gets a nice combination of flavors and looks absolutely stunning. But once you learn these simple tips, you’ll be cutting a round cake like a pro in no time! 

How to Cut a Round Cake | Tip #1: Use a serrated knife. 

how to cut a round cake.

I recommend using a serrated knife for cutting a round cake. A bread knife would actually work perfectly for cutting your cake. Its length is perfect for cutting the sizes of the pieces of cake! And the nice big handle will make it easier for you to cut through the depth of the cake. 

To keep each piece nice and neat, keep a couple of paper towels nearby. Use these to wipe off the excess cake and buttercream as you cut each piece. This will help keep the leftovers on your knife from smearing across the cake layers and making it look messy. Having your knife nice and clean for each piece will help keep your layers defined and beautiful!

How to Cut a Round Cake | Tip #2: Know which audience you are cutting the cake for.

how to cut cake for parties.

Are you cutting the round cake for a wedding or party? Generally, a wedding piece of cake should be cut 1-inch by 2-inch. And a party piece of cake should be cut 2-inch by 2-inch. This rule helps you stay true to the serving size promised for your round cake. 

For example, if you are cutting wedding-size pieces of cake from an 8-inch round cake, you will have 28 servings. If you are cutting party-size pieces of cake you will have 14 servings. Knowing the audience you’re serving will help you know how big to make each slice, so there is enough for everyone. 

How to Cut a Round Cake | Tip #3: Score a line across the top of your cake.

how to cut even slices from a round cake.

Scoring a line on top of your cake with your knife before cutting it completely will help guide you for each slice. The line will help you be more precise with your measurements, ensuring you have enough servings for everyone. Plus, the line on top will help you keep track of how many pieces you have cut and helps to make sure each piece is similar in size to the others.

How to Cut a Round Cake | Tip #4: Be careful not to cut into your cake board.

the best way to cut slices from a round cake.

If your cake is sitting on a cake board, remember not to cut into it as you are cutting each slice. When you are ready to plate the slices of cake, carefully slide your knife in between the bottom of your cake and the cake board to separate the cake from it. Then, you can plate the piece of cake by balancing your knife underneath the cake slice and using your finger to hold it steady as you put it on the plate.

How to Cut a Round Cake the Right Way

Alright, those are my tips on how to cut a round cake the right way! I hope you found these helpful. I will say, if you’re cutting a cake just for yourself or your family at home, there’s not really a wrong way to cut a round cake. These tips are more for if you are serving a cake at a party or some type of reception. But, at home, as long as you are getting all the flavors and as much buttercream your heart desires, then that’s all that matters!

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