Life is What You Bake it 

Life is What You Bake it 

From lawyer to baker, Vallery Lomas shares her story of baking and how she created her dream job to bake and sell her creations. She recently released her new cookbook, “Life is What You Bake it” where she shares recipes and so much more. Here’s a special look inside Vallery Lomas and her cookbook. 

As you can tell, it wasn’t Vallery’s plan to bake for her career. Growing up, she was very involved in school with academics and extracurricular activities. Her parents were both business people and it seemed like all of her peers were either going to be lawyers or doctors. Being surrounded by these positive influences, it was only natural that Vallery would have the same goal. 

Vallery went from pre-med, to a French major, to a law student, to a professional baker. That is quite the journey, so let’s dive into her journey and how she ended up doing what she loves most. 

Life is What You Bake it with Vallery Lomas

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Vallery’s Backstory 

Looking back, Vallery realized how important baking was to her mother and in their home. She said her mom was known as the woman who didn’t cook, but baked. She credits her mother for instilling in her the value of passing down heirloom recipes that have been passed down through several generations. While Vallery and her family didn’t bake everyday, it was special when they did. 

Throughout Vallery’s grade school years and even on to after graduating with her law degree, she fell in love with France. She had visited there a couple of times now, the second time being for an entire year. That’s where she got her inspiration to bake and sell macarons. 

It was hard for Valley to get a job in law right away since she graduated in the middle of a recession. Instead of waiting for something to happen, she decided to open her own macaron shop in New York. While she loved it, she knew this wasn’t going to last long. She ended up getting a job in law, but continued to do her macaron business at nights and on the weekends. 

Vallery’s baking business was so busy it got to the point where she was having to take time off work in order to prep her baking orders for weekend shows. She decided to take a step back from being a lawyer and reassessed her priorities. She took that leap of faith and went all in on her baking business. 

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Vallery’s Debut on The Great American Baking Show

Just one month before the show began, Vallery was asked to be a participant on The Great American Baking Show. The show was a franchise of The Great British Bake Off. She spent five long, intensive weeks in London as a participant in this show. She was actually chosen as the winner of the entire competition! 

However, just before she could be announced winner, the show was pulled off the air. While this was hard and confusing for Vallery, she kept moving forward. She kept doing what she knows best–baking. 

Soon after, her first cookbook was published, “Life is What You Bake it.” She couldn’t think of a better title because that’s what her entire baking journey has looked like. 

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Vallery’s Cookbook, “Life is What You Bake it”

You can purchase Vallery’s cookbook here. Vallery said she was very intentional about her recipe selection because she wanted any baker at any skill level to feel confident to bake. She hopes people feel inspired to get in the kitchen and try something new. 

You can see Vallery on Food Network’s website and app, as the host of Vallery Bakes your Questions. She’s appeared on CNN, the Today Show, Live with Kelly and Ryan, the History Channel, and the Hallmark Channel. She is also a frequent columnist and recipe contributor to the New York Times. 

Follow Vallery on Instagram @foodieinnewyork if you liked hearing her story and want to keep up with her life and amazing recipes! You can also follow her on her blog here. And as always, you can follow me @cakebycourtney for all things cake!

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