How to Live Purposefully as a Busy Mom

How to Live Purposefully as a Busy Mom

I had the amazing opportunity to chat recently with Marilee Killpack and Jessica Eraso of Gathre.  They shared their tips on how to live purposefully as a busy mom. Their business, Gathre, makes incredibly beautiful products that are completely functional and perfect for the messes of motherhood. Beyond their products, we can all learn from who they are as women and the values they live by. 

Marilee and Jessica live by three values that help guide their business strategy and their motherhood. The values are grit, grace, and goodness. These three ideas stem from the hard work that’s needed to keep moving forward while being patient and forgiving with yourself and others along the way. 

These three values are what guide them in their business and especially in their product creation. Making room for what matters most is another guiding principle for the products they dream up and create too. It’s challenging at times to be present with your family because you get caught up in your to-do lists, chores, etc. However, slowing down and noticing your kids is what matters most. It will bring joy to everyone when you nurture what you notice. 

how to live purposefully as a busy mom.

How to Live Purposefully as a Busy Mom

Gathre’s mission is to help busy moms live purposefully through each and every one of its products. I’ll showcase just a few of them that are some of my absolute favorites! I’m in love with Gathre’s products because they prove that everyday items (for mothers especially) can be both beautiful and functional. 

Gathre Product #1: The Gathre Mat

the best blanket, mat, etc for young families.

The medium-sized mat is always my go-to baby gift for my friends. I think these products, and the mat especially, are perfect as gifts. Everyone is just so happy receiving it and I’m always so happy giving it! I can’t get over how functional the mat is and how it makes the everyday mom life that much easier. It can be used for so many different things–a picnic blanket, a play area for your kids, a designated mat for movies, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Gathre Product #2: Large Storage Bin

classy and clean way to store all your things.

Storage bins have definitely become more popular recently with all the moms who want to keep their homes looking clean, without having to donate what they still want/need. This large storage bin is 100 percent vegan leather, so it is an amazing quality that can easily be wiped clean. I’m all about having stylish storage, so even though this bin is more pricey, I feel good about it because I know it will last longer and it looks a million times better than a plastic bin. 

Gathre Product #3: Tablecloth

shop the best tablecloths that are wiped clean.

Do you wish you had a tablecloth for special occasions, or even for the everyday, without having to worry about spilling on it? Gathre’s tablecloth is wipeable and water-resistant and has the most amazing premium look and feel. It really dresses things up without the stress of food spills. This product is great for holidays because you don’t have to worry about kids spilling and instead can enjoy the time with your company. 

How to Live Purposefully as a Busy Mom

Marilee and Jessica’s mission for Gathre is to make every woman’s life better and easier by having products that are of amazing quality and exactly what you need when you’re deep into those motherhood years. I must say I definitely believe that too and am so grateful to know these two ladies! 

I hope you fall in love with these products as much as I have and learn how to live purposefully as a busy mom with each product you try. You can shop more of Gathre’s products by visiting their website here. You can also follow them on Instagram @gathre

And as you know, my special way to live purposefully as a mom is to bake and eat cakes with my kids! I have several tips on recipes that would be fun to make and share with your kiddos you can check out here. My go-to treat is my chocolate chip cookies. You can follow me on Instagram @cakebycourtney for more tips and recipes on all things cake!

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