Why The World Needs You

Why The World Needs You

Who do you think of when you hear the word “suicide?” Unfortunately, we either know someone personally or know a friend of a friend who has died by suicide. Ganel-Lyn Condie, author, motivational speaker, and tv host teaches on this subject along with mental health awareness after she lost her sister to suicide. Her mantra is why the world needs you. 

Suicide is defintely a more sensitive topic, along with talking about depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses that play a role in it. While everyone may not want to talk about it, those who do really need to hear it. That’s why Ganel-Lyn is passionate about sharing her message to women and teens all throughout the world. 

When Ganel-Lyn lost her sister 7 ½ years ago, her world flipped upside down. Ganel-Lyn had lost several members of her family before she lost her sister. She was quite familiar with the grieving process. However, it’s a whole new experience when you lose someone due to suicide. 

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Why The World Needs You

Whenever she hears that someone died by suicide, Ganel-Lyn can feel that soul lost. Whether it’s a story she heard on the news, or someone from her local community, she can feel it.There isn’t one extra person or child that we can do without on this earth. 

She tells her audiences over and over again, stay in your body. Our lives will never be better without you. Ganel-Lyn speaks on other subjects as well, but this quote explains where she comes from in all of her speaking engagements: “I don’t just talk about mental illness and the effects of suicide, but I always will.” 

She will always try to squeeze in some thought about mental illness and how important it is to be aware of your own mental health and those around you. So often we try to cover up our brokenness or give up trying to heal ourselves after barely trying at all. We deserve more. 

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One Reason Why The World Needs You

We all need faith friends (or S.O.S. friends). These are the friends we call when we are in the middle of a breakdown or a panic attack. The friends we ugly cry with or share our innermost parts of our hearts with because we know they will have empathy toward us. 5 is the ideal number. 

We are all vulnerable and all of us are at risk in different phases of our lives. No one is immune from mental illness. Just like we have to brush our teeth every day or exercise every day, our minds need attention and upkeep too. 

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Find those exercises that keep your mind healthy and in control. Find those faith friends you can rely on. Keep going, and keep trying. You have no idea of the happiness still to come. 

Ganel-Lyn Condie has several books all about mental illness and the effects of it. You can check out her books here. Follow her on Instagram @ganellyn to get that self-love boost we all need. Also, follow me @cakebycourtney for all tips on how to bake the best cakes! 

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