How to Embrace Life’s Course Corrections

How to Embrace Life’s Course Corrections

Where do you find yourself when your life changes unexpectedly? Do you feel stuck or maybe even upset that things didn’t go as planned? It can be challenging to know what next step to take when a reality check steps in that you weren’t ready for. My amazing mom, Diana Pace, shares her experiences on this topic and her thoughts on how to embrace life’s course corrections.

You know the people who seem like they always need to be doing something? You know, the ones who have a hard time sitting down for a long time. Or, the ones who have so many different hobbies because they’re constantly trying something new. That is my mom. 

Ever since she was a little girl my mom has had this insatiable curiosity and drive that has led her to try many different things and develop  a variety of talents. My mom is my hero! She has been the light that has guided me throughout my life. 

How to Embrace Life’s Course Corrections 

Diana Pace.

Diana’s Childhood

My mom attributes her drive and curiosity to her parents and how they raised her, along with her genetic wiring. Diana’s parents were very hard workers and never let a bump in the road keep them from moving toward success. 

Diana’s mother was diagnosed with MS at a young age, but had a rare miracle where it went into remission. Her mother devoted her life to the Lord, His will, and service. Diana believes this is why her mother was blessed with healing in her body. Her mom was always serving someone and looking for ways to spend her time doing things to help others and her family. 

Diana said she was raised in a home where she was encouraged to pursue her dreams, and there were no restrictions or limits to what she wanted to do. And that was a good thing, because Diana wanted to pursue just about everything. 

Diana tried almost every sport and club throughout grade school and continued to do extracurricular activities when she attended college at BYU. 

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Diana’s College Career

Daina started out as a pre-med student while also participating on the competitive speech and debate team. That’s where she learned she had a natural talent for public speaking and writing. She switched her major to Communications with an emphasis in Broadcast Journalism. As soon as she got into her classes, she knew that was where she belonged. 

She knew broadcast journalism was the perfect job for her because of her love of learning new things and meeting new people. With this career, she would be on a never-ending journey of seeing the world, trying new things and getting a glimpse into people’s lives. That was really what she loved most. 

Soon after she graduated she married Courtney’s dad and they moved to San Francisco. Diana was set on a path to become a news anchor or something similar. As soon as she started dipping her toe in the water with this possibility, she found out she was pregnant. This became her first major course correction of her adulthood. 

how to embrace life's course corrections.

How to Embrace Life’s Course Corrections

Rather than seeing her pregnancy as a problem, Diana saw it as a course correction (which is what she did with every unexpected challenge throughout her life). She knew she wanted to be home with her child, so she took a pause in her career to do so. 

Throughout her motherhood, (she gave birth to four children) Diana started different small businesses. At one point she sold interior decor items she sewed and crafted herself, and she even created a board/card game that turned out to be a much more challenging road to go down than she anticipated. (Tune into the episode to find out the details.)

No matter all of the road blocks Diana has faced, she’s never let not knowing something one day keep her from having success in the future. She has always had a fierce mindset that has led her to constant learning and discovery of new things and skills. 

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Diana has always had this insane amount of drive where she just wouldn’t give up. When things didn’t work out one way, she kept thinking of a different way to try it until it did–no matter how many times she had failed before. 

Let’s all be like Diana and have that stalwart attitude of “I can and I will.” Don’t you want to be like my mom when you grow up? Yes, me too. I hope you enjoyed learning about my mom and her amazing example of faith and resilience! 

I’m grateful for my parents and grandparents that have led me on my journey of who I am today. If you want to hear more of my mom’s story, you can listen to the full podcast episode here. Follow me on Instagram @cakebycourtney to stay connected and catch all my latest recipes! (Did you see my ultimate chocolate peanut butter cake?)

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