Finding Strength in Community and Mindset

Finding Strength in Community and Mindset

If you’ve ever experienced infertility or just the feeling of wanting something so badly that it hurt, this special blog post is for you. My friend, Jenica Parcell, is the owner of The Slice of Sun, a company created to support women with infertility. She shares her journey of infertility and finding strength in community and mindset. 

Jenica silently suffered her heartache and pain of infertility for a few years before she ever said anything. Once she shared her story she was blown away by the supportive comments and other women out there who were going through the same thing. 

After the responses Jenica received, she didn’t want to stop there. Through many different course corrections, Jenica now owns an organization that raises money for couples experiencing infertility and is a life coach to so many women. She also is a mother to her 5-year-old twins, Goldie and Harris who she was able to get pregnant with in her third round of IVF. 

Whether you’ve experienced infertility or not, there’s so much you can learn from Jenica and her way of living. Her mindset is amazing and the community she has created is a place of refuge and hope for so many women. 

how the slice of sun can help you in your ivf journey.

Finding Strength in Community and Mindset with Jenica Parcell 

At first, Jenica didn’t want to share her story because she was worried she would offend someone. She didn’t want her story to take away from someone else’s. What if her experience wasn’t as hard or heartbreaking as someone else’s? Who is she to share her story when there are so many women experiencing the same thing?

At the time, Jenica was doing a lifestyle and fashion blog and was secretly suffering through infertility. She felt like she was living a double life. She thought her infertility was going to be this short term experience and then she would share her hard time AFTER the victory. But years kept passing and nothing was changing. 

Jenica went through 3 IUI’s and 2 failed rounds of IVF. Her entire infertility experience lasted for 2 and a half years and she opened up about it after two years. Six months after Jenica first shared her infertility struggles, she found out her third round of IVF worked and she was pregnant with her twins who are the light of her and her husband’s lives! 

The slice of sun story from the owner.

Why Jenica Started The Slice of Sun

Jenica was first involved in the NPO, Bundled Blessing Fertility, but she soon got the impression that she should start her own organization. Soon after starting The Slice of Sun, Jenica discovered Life Coaching. This is one of her new found treasures where she is finding strength in community and mindset for so many women. 

When she first started her organization the feelings of inadequacy were so heavy. She remembers praying, begging God to give her some type of assurance that she was on the right path. Immediately after this prayer, she read an email from a woman she did not know that told her she needed her. She was so grateful for what Jenica was doing. Jenica got her answer.

She could not and cannot deny this path for her. Jenica knows she is where she wants to be and where God wants her to be. It’s like God is leading her in these baby steps. She can’t see the whole picture, but God is leading her in each step until she is where He needs her to be. 

what to do when you need support in infertility.

This is what God does for all of us. If you have a burning desire to try something new, know it is never too late. Just like Jenica’s story, once we share our own journey there will be people who need to hear it. 

I’m so grateful for my dear friend Jenica who followed her path and for all of you reading this today! You can follow Jenica on Instagram @jenicaparcell and can listen to her podcast here

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