Sneak Peek of Tiffany Rosenhan’s book, “Girl from Nowhere”

September 8, 2021

Sneak Peek of Tiffany Rosenhan’s book, “Girl from Nowhere”

Have you heard about Tiffany Rosenhan’s new book, “Girl from Nowhere”? It’s an escapist fiction for young adults about a female character going on different adventures. It’s full of suspense, action, and more. The main character in the book has actually been with Tiffany for some time before she ever put her in a novel. Here is a special sneak peek of Tiffany Rosenhan’s book, “Girl from Nowhere”. 

Tiffany had so much fun creating the characters and researching all the details for this book to help the story come to life. Tiffany worked on this novel for several years before she ever thought about publishing it. But, once she considered the idea, she was definitely going to try. She was in love with this story and she wanted to give young adults the opportunity to fall in love with it too. 

Sneak Peek into the book, “Girl from Nowhere”

To start with the sneak peek of Tiffany Rosenhan’s book, “Girl from Nowhere,” you have to get a little bit more of Tiffany’s backstory as a writer.

Tiffany started writing and storytelling as a young mom just as a hobby to entertain herself while her girls were sleeping. Her husband worked late nights at the hospital, so Tiffany found herself alone a lot of the time. She used that time as her creative outlet through writing different fiction stories. She grew to love it and then there was one character she created that stuck with her throughout several years. 

This character played the main role in her book, “Girl from Nowhere” as Sophia. Tiffany knew that if she was going to commit to this story and turn it into a published novel, she needed to build out the storyline beyond what the book would include. She wanted to develop a beginning and end in addition to the original story. She knew she needed to figure that out before she ever published the book.

tiffany rosenhan's motivation behind her novel, girl from nowhere.

To Tiffany, Sophia is based on the teenage girls she knows, but placed in a hyper realistic format. Just like the girls Tiffany knows, Sophia is resilient, driven, adaptable, and skilled. She uses these skills to defend herself in different situations that you can imagine would be in an escapist fiction. 

If you want your teenage girls to have strong and capable girls to look up to, “Girl from Nowhere” would be a great book for them to read. Not to mention, the book has PG content. It is more suspenseful and thrilling rather than graphic and gory. There’s no need to worry about inappropriate content once you get it for your child to read!

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Meet Author Tiffany Rosenhan

Tiffany considers herself an optimist. She always had fun raising her girls and enjoyed staying home with them while she was little. She looked forward to family time and doing whatever she needed to support her husband. 

Shortly after she finished her book and got the publishing and editing process started, her 42-year-old husband, Brandon, suffered a stroke. She had no idea what was going on, but when she got him to the hospital, with the help of Brandon’s friend, she found out he was lucky to be alive. 

Her whole world turned upside down. She had to decide if he should have brain surgery which would help heal the damage the stroke caused, but it was extremely dangerous. He ended up having the surgery, along with having to relearn everything–how to talk, write, drive, etc. 

Throughout the time of the stroke and the brain surgery, Tiffany remembers thinking either her husband would die and it would be OK or he would live and it would be OK. Those were the only two outcomes she could see. Here they are a year and a half later and her husband is almost completely healed. She described the entire experience as miraculous. 

why you'll love the main character in girl from nowhere.

Listen to the Full Podcast Episode

If you’re interested in knowing more, listen to my podcast episode to get the full story! Tiffany includes details that make the story so touching and inspiring. I am so grateful I’ve met Tiffany and got a glimpse of her life and perspective on what she’s experienced. 

I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek of Tiffany Rosenhan’s book, “Girl from Nowhere”! To get the latest on Tiffany’s books, you can follow her on Instagram @tiffany_rosenhan. You can purchase her novel on Amazon by clicking here. Follow me on Instagram @cakebycourtney for cake baking tips and more! 

Tiffany is a huge believer in a book having a beginning, middle, and an end. And the whole purpose of the beginning is to set up the end. That way when you get to the ending, it actually feels like one rather than leaving you confused or upset due to holes in the story. Tiffany is hoping for a sequel at some point for her novel too. We will see!

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