How to Measure Cake Ingredients the Right Way

August 5, 2022

How to Measure Cake Ingredients the Right Way

Are you struggling to get tall cake layers? Or, struggling with getting that light and fluffy texture you want in a cake? You could be measuring your ingredients incorrectly. When wanting to get nice and airy cake layers, the process of measuring ingredients and mixing them together is super important! Here or my quick tips on how to measure cake ingredients the right way.

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Quick Tips for Measuring Wet Ingredients

When it comes to wet ingredients for your cakes, the first thing you need to know is all of them need to be at room temperature before you mix them together and create your cake batter. Having them at room temperature will make sure your batter stays nice and smooth. Plus, your dry ingredients will better absorb wet ingredients at room temperature, giving you a taller cake layer.

If the wet ingredients are used while still too cold, this can cause your batter to have lumps in it. And when I say wet ingredients I mean, eggs, buttermilk, butter, sour cream, etc. Check out this video HERE to show you the difference between a cake layer that used room-temperature ingredients and one that used cold ingredients. The difference is insane!

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Quick Tips for Measuring Dry Ingredients

The best way to measure your dry ingredients is with a scale, but if you love using measuring cups like me, it’s totally doable this way too. There’s just a right way to measure it, so you get the best cake bakes. 

Don’t: Use the measuring cup to scoop out the dry ingredient and then shake it to get the extra amount off. This will cause you to scoop too much flour and it will make your cake denser.

Do: Fluff up the dry ingredient (e.g. flour) with a fork and spoon it into the measuring cup. Then, carefully level it off with a butter knife. This will give you light and fluffy layers that are perfect for cakes.

If you’re hung up on whether a scale is necessary, just know that measuring out your dry ingredients this correct way using measuring cups will give you nearly the exact same amount as the gram measurement. 

Want to use a scale? Awesome! I’ve got you covered. Grams are included in my recipes and here’s a link to my favorite Escali scale.

how to get tall and moist cake layers.

How to Measure Cake Ingredients the Right Way

I hope these tips on how to measure cake ingredients the right way give you those quality cake bakes you are looking for! I have some other blog posts linked below that will answer a few more of your questions when it comes to the cake-baking process. You can also follow me on Instagram @cakebycourtney for the best tips and recipes on all things cake!

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