Tip Tuesday – Driving with Cake

Sep 11

Tip Tuesday – Driving with Cake: Taking cake for a drive? It’s probably the most heart attack inducing task for any cake maker. Am I right or am I right? Well, it’s doesn’t have to be!

While driving extra slow and having a second pair of hands to hold steady the cake is helpful, there’s a few other tips that can make this task a little less stressful.

Tips for Driving with Cake

  • Travel with chilled cakes: if your cake is room temperature, it’s likely to bulge by the end of your drive because of the bumps and movements your car is making. Consider using a cooler with dry ice to keep it chilled on longer rides.
  • Find a spot in your cake with a flat surface. Placing your cakes on an angled surface will cause them to slide around.
  • Try putting non-slip drawer liners under your cake boards, pans and boxes to hold the cakes in place while you drive. Someone also gave me the idea to use a yoga mat to keep your cake in place.
  • If your cake is more than one tier, be sure to use dowels to support the tiers.
  • Place your cake in a cake box, with the cake board taped to the bottom of the box. I like these two piece Wilton boxes┬ábecause you can prop the top of the box up with a little tape on the sides

Your Tips

Many of you shared additional tips for driving safely with cake today on my Instagram post. Here are some other awesome ideas:

  • “Air condition on high!” [email protected]
  • “I put 6-inch cakes inside 9×13 pans and 8-inch cakes on cookie sheets so that if it slides, the cake board just hits the side of the pan but the cake doesn’t.” – @awbuck
  • “I always collect the boxes from Costco to transport food items that may slop over the sides of the dish. Whey they spill a little, they don’t end up all over the car.” [email protected]
  • “Always keep your distance from other cars when possible and approach traffic lights with caution.” – @cakecake_ga
  • “It would be a good idea to have a sticker slapped on the back of my car that says ‘cake on board’ so people would understand why I was driving like a granny .” [email protected]
  • “I use Herolily reusable ice sheets inside a cooler. Cheaper than dry ice and they stay frozen for a long time.” [email protected]

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  1. Find a spot in your cake with a flat surface. Placing your cakes on an angled surface will cause them to slide around.

    Cake on the brain! Lol you have cake instead of car. I discovered your blog today and I am loving it! Keep up the good work!