5 Easy Lemon Cake Recipes From Scratch

5 Easy Lemon Cake Recipes From Scratch

So many lemons, not enough time! Just kidding, there is ALWAYS enough time for cake. Today I am spotlighting several of my favorite lemon cakes to help celebrate this season! These are pretty easy to put together and they taste absolutely amazing. I hope you have fun baking these cakes this spring and summer! Here are my 5 easy lemon cake recipes from scratch.

5 easy lemon cake recipes from scratch. www.cakebycourtney.com

I hope this post gets you excited about sunshine and warmer weather like it has for me! I love to see the warmer spring days start to show up more regularly and I can’t think of a better way to use this excitement than to bake a springtime cake. Plus, I can’t get over how many combinations you can create with lemon! There are so many, and all of them just taste incredible. I hope you enjoy these 5 lemon cake recipes from scratch!

5 Easy Lemon Cake Recipes From Scratch

Easy Lemon Cake Recipe #1: Lemon Blueberry Cake

lemon blueberry cake. www.cakebycourtney.com

Lemon and blueberry is such a classic duo in so many different forms, and cake is no exception! This Lemon Blueberry Cake is so delicious and definitely will help bring some happiness into your life. It radiates sunshine! And just wait until you taste it. The main thing to remember when baking this cake is to allow plenty of time (usually a couple of hours) for the wet ingredients to get to room temperature. This will help you get a proper rise on your cake. I hope you love this one as much as I do!

Easy Lemon Cake Recipe #2: Lemon Oreo Cake

lemon oreo cake. www.cakebycourtney.com

Do you always buy the lemon Oreos in the springtime too? This cake is a celebration of the lemon oreo flavor, and I may be so bold to say it tastes so much better in cake form! But what doesn’t, right? This Lemon Oreo Cake has light and fluffy cake layers with a hint of lemon extract and more lemon Oreos. I think you’ll love the texture of the cake with the cookies in it! Then, it’s finished off with lemon buttercream, tinted with lemon food gel to make it shine even brighter.

Easy Lemon Cake Recipe #3: Lemon Bar Cake

easy lemon cake recipes from scratch. www.cakebycourtney.com

Just wait till you hear all the elements in this Lemon Bar Cake. You will fall in love with every bite! This cake is made up of lemon cake layers baked on a shortbread crust, filled with lemon curd, and topped with lemon buttercream. Is your mouth watering too? This really is a cake version of a lemon bar. So if you are obsessed with lemon bars, this cake is the first one you should try!

Easy Lemon Cake Recipe #4: Chocolate Lemon Zucchini Cake

chocolate lemon zuchnni cake. www.cakebycourtney.com

This Chocolate Lemon Zucchini Cake features moist chocolate zucchini cake layers with a lemon cream cheese frosting. This recipe has actually always been a favorite of mine. I love putting chocolate and lemon together because it’s not a combination used very often, but it’s oh-so-good! The zucchini adds moisture to the cake, but you can’t tell it’s there once the cake is baked, so that’s a bonus! You will definitely taste a lemon flavor with every bite of this one.

Easy Lemon Cake Recipe #5: Lemon Poppy Seed Bundt Cake

lemon poppy seed bundt cake. www.cakebycourtney.com

This Lemon Poppy Seed Bundt Cake is a twist off of my Lemon Poppy Seed Cake. This one just has a glaze instead of buttercream. This is such a rich and dense cake that tastes divine. Because there’s so much batter in one pan, make sure to bake it at a lower temperature for a longer time so you can get a more even bake. You can find all the notes for this recipe here!

5 Easy Lemon Cake Recipes From Scratch

Which of these 5 easy lemon cake recipes from scratch are you most excited to try? I know, it’s a tough choice, but you’ll probably end up trying all of them anyway, right? They are so good and now is the perfect time to try them! I’d love to see your creations. You can tag me on Instagram @cakebycourtney whenever you post a picture of your cake so I can see it! You can also follow me there for more tips and tricks on all things cake. 


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  1. Your cakes look amazing. I baked and decorated cakes for 50 years and I still love it although I do not bake very much nowadays. I agree with you there is nothing that equals a good homemade cake thank you for sharing