The Best Way to Fill a Cake with Raspberry Filling

The Best Way to Fill a Cake with Raspberry Filling

I have made a lot of cakes using raspberries, so I’ve learned a thing or two about raspberry filling! If you follow these simple tips, you’ll soon know how to fill your cakes with the most delicious raspberry filling. This is seriously the best way to fill a cake with raspberry filling. And now is the best time to try it with spring here and summer on the way!

the best way to fill your cake with raspberry filling.

I love finding ways to incorporate raspberries into my cake recipes. Their perfect balance of sweet and tart makes them the perfect ingredient for cake. Plus, they taste so well with so many different flavors. You can check out all of my raspberry cake recipes here to get some ideas for your next cake to bake! Of course, after you finish this cake you’re working on with the raspberry filling.

The Best Way to Fill a Cake with Raspberry Filling

Raspberry Filling Tip #1: Use freeze-dried raspberries

how to fill a cake with raspberry filling.

Freeze-dried raspberries are the way to go when making raspberry filling. Using freeze-dried raspberries (as opposed to fresh or frozen) will help create a thick, Greek yogurt-like texture which is what you want for your raspberry filling. The freeze-dried raspberries, when pulverized, absorb some of the moisture from the cream, giving you that thickness. Using fresh or frozen raspberries will not give you that same texture and it will be a lot harder to work with!

Raspberry Filling Tip #2: Use a food processor to blend the raspberries

best raspberry cream filling recipe.

Raspberry cream is best made in a food processor, however, you can pull it off in a blender if needed. You start out by pulsing your freeze-dried raspberries until it resembles a powder, Next, you add the sugar and the cream. Check out this raspberry cream cupcake recipe for the full instructions on how to use the food processor to make your raspberry cream filling. 

Raspberry Filling Tip #3: Use high-fat heavy whipping cream

how to use raspberries in your cake.

I recommend using high-fat heavy whipping cream for your raspberry filling. I like to use 40% Darigold. The fat will help keep the raspberry filling thick and retain enough moisture so it’s easier to work with for spreading and even piping. Also, make sure your whipping cream is cold when you add it to your filling. Both of these factors will play a huge role in giving you the best raspberry cream filling for your cake!

Raspberry Filling Tip #4: Use an offset icing spatula

the best way to fill a cake with raspberry filling.

Using an offset icing spatula to spread any type of filling for your cake is such a game-changer! You can check out my favorite products here for baking cakes. Believe me, when it comes to baking cakes, brands matter! Here are a few of my recipes that show you how to fill a cake with raspberry filling:

The Best Way to Fill a Cake with Raspberry Filling

I hope these tips help you next time your baking in the kitchen! As I said, I believe following these tips really will help you learn the best way to fill a cake with raspberry filling. And, I’m guessing you’ll want to decorate your raspberry cream-filled cake with a few fresh raspberries too. Check out this post on how to decorate cakes with raspberries. I talk about a few more of my favorite raspberry cake recipes in that post too! 

I can’t wait to see how your raspberry cakes turn out! Feel free to tag me on your stories of the cake creations you make. You can find me on Instagram @cakebycourtney. Make sure to follow me too, to get the best tips and tricks on all things cake!

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