Top 6 Fall Cake Flavors

Top 6 Fall Cake Flavors 

As we move into Fall we better have a cake or two to help us with the transition! Cake is just the thing we need for so many things. How could I honestly pick my top 6 Fall cake flavors? There’s SO many delicious cakes I’ve made, but I thought these were a good variety and they all celebrate Fall just from their name alone. I hope you find one you’ll love!

Embrace the Fall season with these cakes bursting with fall flavors.

Fall Cake Flavor #1: Apple Cider Donut Bundt Cake

This apple cider donut bundt cake is inspired by one of my favorite Fall family traditions. Every year we visit Rowley’s Big Red Barn in Utah and get their apple cider donuts! I loved them so much that I made a cake using those flavors. One thing I love most about this cake is how moist it is from adding apple sauce and apple cider! I bet you’ll have so much fun making (and trying, of course) this cake! 

Try this simple and easy bundt cake recipe you'll love.

Fall Cake Flavor #2: Oatmeal Biscoff Cake

This oatmeal biscoff cake is really special because it’s almost as if the entire cake is baking on a biscoff cookie base. Along with the biscoff flavored buttercream and the biscoff pieces on top, this cake is quite a masterpiece. The cake crumbles just enough to make you want it when you see it, yet all the layers are held together nicely. I hope you enjoy it!

This cake celebrates the rich flavor and crumbly texture of biscoff.

Fall Cake Flavor #3: Honey Fig Goat Cheese Cake

I had to include my honey fig goat cheese cake on my top 6 fall cake flavors because it reminds me of my mom. My mom makes fig jam quite often due to her fig tree in the backyard. I ended up loving these flavors together–the fig and goat cheese complement each other so well! (Charcuterie board, anyone?) And the honey sweetens it up just enough to make you smile on every bite. 

A family inspired cake. I thought up this cake recipe from my mom's homemade fig jam.

Fall Cake Flavor #4: Caramel Cake

Why did I not create this caramel cake sooner?! This caramel cake is super moist from the dulce de leche and the whole milk. You know when you take the first bite of cake and you just smile because you nailed it? Yeah, that was this cake for me. This one is beautiful to look at and beautiful to eat! 

how to make this caramel cake so it looks and tastes amazing.

Fall Cake Flavor #5: Butternut Squash Gingersnap Cake

I know, butternut squash isn’t usually the first thing you think to put in a cake. But, you guys, this butternut squash gingersnap cake is amazing! When I tried this cake after I made it the first time, my jaw dropped! This cake oozes with all the Fall flavors. This has to be one that you try this season. I bet it would easily become one of your regular Fall cake favorites! 

A cake you must try and must taste this season. Full of fall flavors.

Fall Cake Flavor #6: Caramel Apple Cake

Once you see a slice of my caramel apple cake, you’ll want to make this one first. It’s filled with warm, soft cinnamon apples that will just melt in your mouth alongside this amazing cake! My favorite caramel apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is what inspired me for this cake recipe and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. This is a perfect cake to get you in the Fall spirit! 

Try this simple and fun caramel apple cake recipe.

I hope you find some of your new favorites from these top 6 fall cake flavors. Let’s just jump into this Fall season with a yummy cake! These flavors will get us excited about the new season and help us look forward to what’s up ahead. Follow me on Instagram @cakebycourtney for more baking tips and all things cake! Happy baking! 

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