4th of July Cakes

Can you believe the 4th of July is just around the corner? I’m thinking of perfect summertime cakes that will be sure to please a full house. Each of the cakes has the patriotic summertime feeling that you’ve been looking for! Get ready to celebrate with any one of these mouth-watering, summer-feeling, crowd-pleasing, 4th of July cakes! 

4th of July Cakes
Yummy 4th of July Cakes

This Red, White and Blue Berry Cake is the perfect dessert for your 4th of July celebrations. It features three different cake layers–raspberry, blueberry, and vanilla.

A patriotic funfetti cake, made with tender white cake layers. Mixed with red, white and blue sprinkles, covered in a whipped vanilla buttercream.

Patriotic Funfetti Cake

Cherry Cheese Pie Cake – cream cheese cake layers baked on graham cracker crusts. Then filled with a cheesecake filling, homemade cherry pie filling and graham cracker buttercream.

Cherry Cheese Pie Cake

Root Beer Float Cake – Root beer cake layers with root beer buttercream, root beer drip, fresh whipped cream and a cherry on top.

Root Beer Float Cake

Blueberry Delight Cake – Nilla wafer crust, lemon ricotta cake layers, ricotta filling, blueberry compote, and blueberry buttercream.

Blueberry Delight Cake

Watermelon Cake with Lime Curd – White cake layers doused in a watermelon simple syrup and layered with watermelon buttercream and lime curd.

Watermelon Cake


Learn how to make gorgeous red and blue buttercream that won’t stain your teeth!

Spending this holiday with friends and family is something that I look forward to every year! Watching the fireworks with a dessert in hand is a real treat. (pun intended!) Anyone of these cakes would be the perfect addition to your 4th of July BBQ! So the question is, which one will you choose?!

Happy 4th to each of you and thank you for allowing me to be a part of your celebration! And make sure to follow me on Instagram @cakebycourtney. That way you’ll find the best tips and recipes on all things cake!

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