How to Add Sprinkles to the Side of Your Cake

Apr 04

A quick tutorial to show you just how easy it is to evenly add sprinkles to the side of your cake.

In my last video tutorial, we worked on getting smooth sides and a sharp edge on our cakes. Using that same technique as our base, we’re now going to work on adding sprinkles to the side of a cake. This is going to be done after we’ve smoothed the sides with a cake scraper, and BEFORE we freeze the cake and cut off the cake board.

Before you do anything with the sprinkles, I suggest putting a jelly roll pan under your turntable to catch the sprinkles that don’t make it onto the cake.
Next, pour a bunch of the sprinkles into the palm of your hand and then angle your hand so that the palm of your hand is facing the cake and the edge of your hand is almost touching the cake. The angle should be pretty steep, and the sprinkles should start falling into the side of the cake. To get an even line of sprinkles, you’ll want to spin the turntable and keep your hand steady.
After you create a top line of sprinkles on one side of your cake, use an icing spatula to lift and place fallen sprinkles.

Check out my video tutorial for another look at how to add sprinkles to the side of your cake.


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