The Inside Scoop on the Britney Spears Case

The Inside Scoop on the Britney Spears Case

Are you following the #freebritney movement? Growing up, Britney was THE celebrity. We loved everything about her, and then all of a sudden things changed. She shaved her head and we saw pictures of her doing shady things that made us confused. 13 years later, we find out the truth behind it all. Loni Coombs, former Los Angeles County criminal prosecutor, has the inside scoop on the Britney Spears case you won’t want to miss. 

I know this is a little off-topic of what I usually talk about on my blogs, even for the ones for my Courtney Beyond the Cake podcast, like this one. However, I have been following Britney’s case and I feel quite passionate about it. Especially once it was revealed that Britney has been in a controlling and abusive relationship and her voice hasn’t been heard time and time again. 

Loni Coombs has an incredible resume and career covering countless trials involving all types of crimes, several involving celebrities. She also happens to be my stepmom. Loni is following Britney’s case and helping with it in any way she can. Here’s the latest from Loni’s perspective. 

Listen to Britney Spears speech she gave in the courtroom.

The Inside Scoop on the Britney Spears Case

As you all know, just recently Britney shared her written statement in her trial where thousands of people were listening in. All of us–press and fans–wanted to be the first ones to hear what Britney prepared to say. Not even her attorneys knew what she had planned. It was only known that she prepared something and asked to speak directly to the judge. 

In the middle of the trial, one of Britney’s attorneys told the courtroom Britney had prepared a statement and not to interrupt it. Immediately after, two of the other attorneys asked the court to close if she mentioned anything about her children or finances because those are personal. 

Then all of a sudden, you hear Britney speak out, “I’m tired of you all exploiting me. I want this to be open.” You could feel the conviction in her nervous, yet sure voice. 

learn more about courtney's step mom, lawyer loni coombs.

She then proceeded to read her written statement. It took her 23 minutes to read the whole document. In her statement, you discover how she has been involved in an oppressive and controlling conservatorship, how she has not been fairly represented by her attorneys, and how the judge has ignored her pleas (for years) to have the conservatorship deteriorated. 

The world finally knew what Britney had been going through. For so long, her voice has been covered up and she had been told nothing but no over and over again. She has lived a very lonely life since all of this happened despite how hard she was fighting to have the same rights any other girl had at her age. 

I’m grateful Loni is a part of this court hearing and can help with the #freebritney movement. She is a very smart and powerful woman you want in your corner. Hopefully, we will continue to see positive changes with this story. 

Get the latest with lawyer loni coombs about the britney spears trial.

Why I’m Passionate about the Britney Spears Case

As I’ve touched on before, I have some experiences dealing with mental health such as anxiety and depression. While my experience cannot compare to what Britney has gone through, it still makes me relate to her and her story. 

I can’t imagine feeling so lonely and neglected of the rights that we deserve simply because we are human. This is what Britney has gone through. Unfortunately, we weren’t talking about mental health like we are today when this whole Britney story began 13 years ago. 

However, I am grateful for the turn we’ve made in the past several years to make it more of a norm in society. Mental health is a severe issue and almost everyone has some type of experience with it–whether it’s you or someone you know who has these struggles. 

did you hear about the speech britney spears gave in court?

I hope Britney’s story can at least be a story of enlightenment that we all need to be more fair and kind to those around us. There needs to be less judging and more loving, no matter what. I’m so glad I was able to learn more about this and get a real inside scoop on the Britney Spears case from my stepmom, Loni Coombs. 

If you want to keep up with the case, or want a credible source for the latest news stories, follow Loni on Instagram @lonicoombs. And follow me @cakebycourtney for a less intense–but still very important–topic on all things cake!

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